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Jumat, 25 Februari 2011

Letter to gang of 4 + 3! (?).

1. Where is the pizza?.
Scor always check the atm (?).
But there's empty all the time.
So where is the pizza? (?).

2. "THAT BIG BASTARD" isnot just cannot be trusted anymore.
But also no use at all and cannot be used again (?).
Not based on : "HE" is not good at all.
But based on : "HE" no good man at all!(?).
All the policy about Iraqi and Afghan.
It's ?WRONG? & ?BIG MISTAKES? all!(?).
~Totally "WRONG"!.

3. Do all of you know?.
What is this about? :
Don't you?
This is the update ( August 01, 2011 ).
For yournation/countries/ Usa?.
It will be delayed till 2012.
If "THAT BIG BASTARD" still president of yours, United states?.
For the next period?.
Sorry , Usa will be banned by *Me*, *Scor*!.
For 40 years!.
So there will be banned until 2052.

From : *Member & Son of Ada*.

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